INKERS Barcelona Tattoo Expo

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INKERS Barcelona Tattoo Expo

I’ve had the pleasure to participate in the 18th Barcelona Tattoo convention, making an artwork for the clothing company INKERS. This has been an exciting adventure, full of great moments and encounters with old friends. The art I’ve made reflects a Daddy Crab teaching his little son, a representation of how we should take care of the new generations, showing them that tattoo is not a thing that stigmatize people in society, tattoo is just a culture and a respectable way of life.

DYOX crab bcn tattoo ok_

DYOX crab bcn tattoo ok detail

dyox crab bcn tattoo expo 1_

inkers bcn tattoo expo

bcn tattoo expo

bcn tattoo expo 3

bcn tattoo expo 4

bcn tattoo expo 1

bcn tattoo expo 7

bcn tattoo expo 8

bcn tattoo expo 2

bcn tattoo expo 5